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General technical questions

> With my Onyx Boox I cannot log in to my google account. I get a message saying that the device is not Play protect certified. What should I do?

> It seems I cannot install some paid apps from Play Store on my Max2 / Note

> I just received my brand new C67ML Carta 2+ .... I installed Kindle, Kobo and Nook software and now my memory is already full. I still need to install Chrome, Spotify, Alkido etc. How come my memory is soo small, it is supposed to be 8 GB. What am I doing wrong?Thank you for your assistance.

> Please explain what is the difference between CARTA+ and the old EINK screens?

> My device seem to stuck in boot loop / shows error messages. What can I do?

Payment, Shipping, Refund, Upgrade

> I'm not a EU resident traveling to Europe next week. Can I purchase tax free in your store?

> I am not from EU. Why do you offer just UPS Shipping to my country?

> I am not from EU. Are there any additional import fees at the time of delivery?

> I am not EU citizen, do I have to pay your VAT of 19% ?

> We are an EU company. Do we have to pay your VAT of 19% ?