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If your device has got a defect or a malfunction, or you have technical questions to your product, you can contact our service. Should the problem not be to be solved by consultation, your device will be either repaired or exchanged.


Please contact us via contact form first


Address of the maintenance office (if repairs are needed):

Ereader Store
Maintenance Dept.

Werreaue 5

32758 Detmold




We ask you for your understanding. In some cases a repair can take longer time as expected. In cases, where your device cannot be repaired in our lab, we need to send it for service via express to the manufacturer and it cost some time.


Attention! Please back up your data in good time and above all before repair orders. Errors on the motherboard can lead to data loss. It may also be necessary to replace the main board for repair or to reset the system to factory settings. In such cases, Ereader Store cannot be held responsible for data loss.