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Shipping is an unavoidable part of an online shop's order processing.

Most of the time, we are really quick in order processing and dispatch our customers' orders on the day they are placed.

To understand how this process works in our business, please read the important information below.

After the order has been placed, the status of the order will be temporarily changed to either "Processing" or "Preparing for Shipping". What does it mean in detail?

Status "Processing" means that the ordered products are currently not in stock in our German warehouse yet and are on the way from our supplier to our warehouse. As a rule, we get replenishment for offered products approx. Every 10-12 days. Particularly in the times of the very popular new releases, it also happens that the previously delivered amount of products is sold out faster than the next season was produced and subsequently delivered. Therefore there are waiting times. Usually, it is only a few days. During this time the order has the status "Processing"

The status "preparation for shipping" is set if the ordered products are either in stock or the arrival of the current subsequent delivery is expected in our warehouse at very short notice (1-2 days) according to tracking.

During the shipping preparation, your address details are checked and shipping documents are created.

Important! As soon as a shipping label has been created by the shipping service (UPS or DHL), the tracking links are provided immediately. Therefore, the status of the order automatically changes to "shipped" and a corresponding notification to the customer is triggered.

We ask for your understanding that the shipment has not really left our warehouse yet. At first, it was only advised.

At the time of the release of new and high-demand products or at certain peak times, we sometimes have to prepare hundreds of orders (or pre-orders) in a short period of time. This inevitably leads to an overload/backlog in our shipping process. There may also be a gap of a few days between the creation of the label and the physical shipping of the shipment.

We kindly ask you not to contact us regarding the delays in the tracking process. Especially at peak times, it causes unnecessary and avoidable effort and leads to longer response times to other customer questions.

If you are affected by such a situation, we ask for your patience and we would be very grateful for your understanding!  We can only offer our low prices because we keep the personnel costs within reasonable limits.

We can also not be held responsible for unexpected delivery delays caused by the transport company. However, we do everything we can to process the delivery as quickly as possible.

We ship worldwide from our German warehouse. For the destination countries in the EU, our customers do not have to pay any additional import taxes.

For addresses outside of the EU, no VAT will be charged, but certain import taxes from the destination country cannot be excluded. Unfortunately, we cannot know the import rules of each country. If you have any questions, please contact the local authorities in your country.